Why Does Blizzard Make The Best Games?

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In all my time spent playing video games over the last 20 years of my life, there are few companies that stick out in my mind as strongly as Blizzard. I mean, theyre such an influential developer in the game industry, everyones heard of them! They even have their own convention! And its huge! But despite the number of games Ive bought, collected, and played, something about Blizzard and the way they make their games has always stuck out, elevated themselves above the competition. And not too long ago, it occurred to me. Why Does Blizzard Make The Best Video Games? For the rain of chaos, has come at last. Now Im by no means saying Blizzard is a perfect game developer, nobody is. And Im not saying they make the best games ever of all time until the end of time, however, as far as consistency and quality, Blizzard has gotta be at the top. One thing that is so memorable about their games is the style.

STYLE! Just by looking at the cases you can see a really distinct style between them all. Blizzard games are just good to look at too, they always got great graphics. You got the Warcraft games which have a heavy emphasis on war, battles, strategy, unique factions with different strengths and looks, the music always lends itself to the tone of whatever faction youre playing as. And of course they got great fucking voice acting! Frostmourne Hungers! Starcraft is much the same, though its basically just like spacecraft or something. This is not Warcraft in Space! Diablo has a much darker feeling, with religious undertones and graphics and sounds to represent that.


A recurring theme in Blizzards strategy games is the ol click on units till they say funny stuff! And man, that is always entertaining. FEAR MY MOO OF FURY! Mooooo But Blizzard doesnt just create games, they create worlds. Think about Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, & Overwatch. Each of them have a lot of fine details and lore behind the games, though Overwatchs base game leaves a lot to be desired, it also had a lot to expand on and the general premise is very interesting.

They add more depth through trailers, comics and side stories. But take World of Warcraft, one of the most popular and well-known games on the planet. What made WOW so awesome was just how expansive it was, there was so much to do and explore, so many different ways to play. And you could spend a lot of time grinding your character, getting levels, new equipment, and that was always really satisfying. Blizzard took the Warcraft universe and formula and applied it to an MMORPG. And thats really the essence of Blizzards style, is creating games that have endless content. Whether you really like the base game, and enjoy playing competitive multiplayer, or youre like me and could play custom games till your eyes bleed. Theres enough content in their games to hold you over for a long time. And how could anyone forget Blizzard Cutscenes? Ever since Starcraft they basically set a new standard for cinematics in video games.

Its a part of Blizzards identity to blow your balls off with the most epic cutscenes imaginable. This ones all yours, Hardy. They succeed no matter what tone they go for, all out war, apocalyptic, foreboding, scary, funny. Looks like you mashed some poor fellers dog, sarge. So rest assured any Blizzard game is going to have the best when it comes to cinematics and style Blizzard is a company that exemplifies quality over Quantity. They really dont make too many games if you havent noticed. And sometimes it takes them a while to get a sequel out, but hey! And while part of that is the incredible success, and revenue made by World of Warcraft and how well that has been sustained over the years. But in my experience the only game Blizzard has made that was disappointing and not up to their standards at release, was Diablo 3. But honestly, apart from that, Blizzards track record is just phenomenal.

The games are built to last and they really dont try to milk their products to death, unlike some series of games. Blizzard makes games that are as fun and addicting as possible. The level of polish, amount of content, and overall quality is just astounding. This Warcraft 3 and Diablo battlechests were $each, Ive got thousands of hours of entertainment from those $40 I spent 8 years ago. Not only are the games fun, theyre well-priced The gameplay is usually based around the mantra of Easy to learn, but hard to master which makes their games accessible to most people, as there arent a lot of complicated mechanics, while also giving the hardcore fanbase a wide skill gap and mastery to achieve.

Not to mention the games themselves are never too taxing on the computer, so you dont need to have a top of the line machine to play them. It also helps that they make a lot of expansions for their games, so they can utilize whats already there and add onto it, as opposed to just making a sequel. Making an expansions capitalizes on the work thats already been put in and it serves to grow the community and playerbase thats already there. No doubt if you buy a Blizzard game, its gonna be top quality, no game breaking bugs, severe lack of content, or something that makes you feel like your bank account is being monitored.

Above all else, Blizzard is great at making their fans continually happy, by giving them more of what they want. It may take some time, but theyll get there. ALTHOUGH, in the case of World of Warcraft and the Nostalrius server, Blizzard kinda dropped the ball there. Which is really bizarre for them, as it was a non-profit fan-made server for the older versions of WoW, but Blizzard sent a cease and desist order and shut it down. 100,000s of people played on that server, and that was a dick move on their part. Though they were in their legal right, but the Nostalrius server goes to show just how much people love their games, even if they dont like the newer expansions, they were willing to create a server ,to put up the money to run it, and 100s of thousands of people wanted that too. But for the most part, Blizzard are treated to consistency and fan service, they love creating crossover Easter eggs, so if you’ve played Diablo, you’ll think its funny when you see the Butcher in a WC3 mission.


AHHH Fresh meat! Or if you happened to play one of Blizzards older games, The Lost Vikings, which you probably didnt lets be honest. youll get a chuckle when you see that arcade in Starcraft 2. This is part of their identity, to always have some funny shit in their games, and to form a connection between their different series. Another way they do this is through battlenet which is their online servers for multiplayer, its been around since Starcraft and Warcraft 2, so fans of Blizzard also have a connection to Battlenet, the service they provide, for multiplayer. Heroes of the Storm is a great example of fan service, similar to how Nintendo created Smash Bros as a way to put their most famous characters into one game, AND secretly advertise their other games, Blizzard has managed to do the something similar with Heroes of The Storm. They got characters from all their games in here as champions to play as. Thrall, Tassadar, Kerrigan, Furion, Zeratul, Diablo, Zarya, they even got a Tauren with a freaking Guitar! Did I ever mention how fucking awesome Blizzards rock songs are? And while Blizzard games may not try outrageously new things, they all have a sense of familiarity.

So no game really feels like its the ugly duckling in the series. In my opinion, the best thing Blizzard does with their games, that elevates them above most other developers, is set them up to succeed, appeal to a wide consumer base, and they support their games post launch. Blizzard has never been one to release a game that isnt ready, or have the sequel come out as a replacement.

They always build an infrastructure around their games to ensure their longevity. Blizzard is always good about updates, and they don’t take down servers like Microsoft did with Halo 2. Not only that, Blizzard games are made to run on all sorts of computers, so they dont leave the Mac users in the dust. You see, I was really big into Starcraft custom games back in 2003 through 2007, and at that point, Starcraft had been out for years! Yet it still had a vibrant, passionate, and creative community. I talked about this in my What Overwatch needs to learn from Warcraft & Starcraft video, but the biggest thing was the custom games, map editors. These tools gave fans the drive to create whatever sort of map or game came to their mind, nothing was impossible! To this day, custom games are still being played on WC3, and I was able to play some of my favorites, like Risk Devolution, Vampirism Fire, Footmen Vs.

Grunts, and Classic Dota games are still being played too. There are so many iconic custom games that I could just play for hours and never get tired of. It says a lot about Blizzards quality, when so many years down the line people are still playing these games. Do I need to mention, 2 of the most popular video games and an entirely genre, MOBAs came from a WC3 custom game? Yeah, thats the power Blizzard gave to their players.

Dota Blizzard

What blows my mind, is how many times Ive replayed the Starcraft and Warcraft campaigns. I love a good RTS so much, and every year or two I go back to play those campaigns. Theres something about them thats just so fun And what better way to ensure a games longevity, then to have a stimulating competitive scene. Starcraft, Dota, and Overwatch are real popular esports with a dedicated community surrounding them. So the quest to be the best in any of these games is going to have a big audience of people that really like watching them. Theres something so satisfying about being good at a Blizzard game, because you know so many people are playing them. Like I feel like I got some bragging rights with this ridiculously good ranked game I played as Genji, or some of my ranked stats. People can take pride at being good at something and being good at a blizzard game is definitely something to be proud of. You ever had a friend that was so excited about a game, that when you played it with him or her, their excitement rubbed off on you? Thats exactly what I feel when I see people like Jeff Kaplan or other Blizzard employees talking about their games.

Why is Genji such a cool dude? Why? Explain. If you were a cyborg ninja, wouldnt you be a cool dude too? Just sheer passion for what theyre doing, and a drive to please their fans. Its inspiring, honestly. One of the interesting things about working here is our culture, its extremely passionate, its quality first. Not only that, but you can feel the passion and love that goes into their games, with every easter egg every bit of dialogue banter, you can see this passion in some of the interviews, and I especially love seeing the voice actors for Overwatch, playing Overwatch. That was a real treat. You know, all of us who work on Overwatch are really enthusiastic about it, so its cool to share that with you. And you can see they like to play these games as much as we do! While not directly related to the quality of their games, its pretty impressive how Blizzard manages to create such incredible games in a few different genres.

Rts, FPS, MOBA, MMORPG, Dungeon Crawler RPG, heck even Card Games. Blizzard isnt a one trick pony, theyre kinda like a Jack of Blades, I mean, a Jack of All Trades. I think it says a lot when a company can create so many different types of games, and manage to nail the same level of quality, accessibility and fun within each one. Theyre almost like old Rare Ware in that respect, and thats a bold statement, cotton! All in all, Blizzard has become such a big force in the gaming industry for many reasons, because they produce some of the best quality games, they dont milk their franchises to death, because their games are accessible, easy to pick up, hard to master, because you can feel the passion and love they put into their games.

Not to mention their quality over quantity philosophy, and how long-lasting and fun the games can be, years after their release. Above all else, a unique stlye that defines themselves as a company, and the products the fans want. But what do you think of Blizzard? Like em, or hate em and why? Are you a big fan of their games? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading! PEACE!.

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